Favourite Food in London

The photo is one I took at Kitchen Table Bubbledogs, which you can read about under “fine dining.” Below, see my recommendations for what to eat in London, from chains and quick eats, to BBQ and Seafood…

All of the following restaurants have at least two locations. Those indicated with an asterix have only one premises (as of July 2016) in the United Kingdom.

Chains & Quick Eats

  • Pret – coffee, sandwiches, salads. There’s a Pret on practically every corner of every city!
  • itsu – grab-n-go sushi and noodle pots for the lunch crowds.
  • Leon – great for breakfast, with any item + any coffee for £4.35. For lunch, they have middle eastern salads and pots. Many restaurants around central London.
  • POD – a healthier option. Great scrambled eggs for breakfast.
  • Vital Ingredient – £6-8 to build your own salads. A favourite lunch place!

Something for Everyone 

  • Wahaca – Mexican street food. Excellent for ordering several small plates to share!
  • Bill’s – casual dining with a big range of options.
  • Café Rouge – British interpretation of a French brasserie, with sandwiches, salads, and steaks.
  • Pizza Express – casual restaurant with pizzas, pastas, and salads.
  • Nando’s – casual spot for rotisserie chicken, chicken burgers, and salads. Somewhat of a British cultural icon, see also: “Cheeky Nandos.

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